Review on NoDPad!

Awesome! ¬†After a great preview over at NoDPad, we’ve just been reviewed! ¬†Yey!!

Take a read:

There seem to be a few more reviews coming in too, so watch this space!

Thanks NoDPad!


Yey, rock on, our lovely new site just picked up a slew of web awards, suuuuperb!



Yey, its out!

The reviews are coming in thick and fast, and you all seem to love it!  We are sooooo pleased with the feedback!  Thanks to everyone that has bought it so far and everyone that has been wishing us well around the world!  We have SO many more features and play modes lined up :)

Here’s the AppStore link:

Keep the awesome reviews coming in, they are all very, very welcome :)


You heard it, Super Turbo Action Pig will be hitting the AppStore on Friday!!!!!!  Wahooooooooooooooo!

Its been a long time in the making, but its finally going to be in everyones hands for the weekend, we are SO excited!

Please feel free to tell your friends, family,¬†colleagues, neighbours, pets, imaginary friends…and…errr, is there anyone else?

We have so much planned for the game, so if it takes off, we are going to be adding LOTS of awesome new features and play modes to the game!

Stay tuned.


You’ll need to be able to read Italian to make the most of this, but we’ve just been featured on NextIphone too…

Yey, I’m loving all this press :)


Yey, the HD trailer got featured on Pocket Gamer TV, rock on!


Looks as though your all enjoying the cut out pig from yesterday! ¬†We had a few ace photos sent in yesterday showing the little pig appearing in different offices and workspaces around the world, take a peek at some of them below…

Although we’re scared about what Ron has planned for our little piggy…are you the real Butcher Bill? ;)

We TOTALLY love that you guys are doing this, so please keep’em coming, they’re great!


Featured on Appmodo!

Hey everyone,

Super Turbo Action Pig made it onto the front page of Appmodo last night, and has got one helluva great preview too!

Take a peek:

We’re sooooooooooooo happy with all this amazing feedback, we just cant wait to get the submission approved…tick tock, tick tock.



Yes, you read it right, a free Super Turbo Action Pig, actually, as many as you like!

Yeah ok, so its not a free copy of the game, but something aaaalmost as cool.  Its a printable and build-able piggy all of your very own, yey!

All you need to do, is download the file by clicking on the image, print it off and then simply cut it out and stick it together!  And there you have it, hours of endless fun, flying your very own Super Turbo Action Pig around your office, home or hell, just about anywhere!

There will be more of these to come too, so get ready to complete your very own set :)



I just thought I’d throw something up that you havent already seen…the lovely little icon design!

I guessed you might want to know what to look out for, so here it is:

I hope you like it.



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