About the game

Super Turbo Action Pig breaks new boundaries in portable video gaming…as lets face it…have you ever piloted a pig clad with a jetpack before?  We didnt think so!

Super Turbo Action Pig’s life is thwarted by the evil Butcher Bill, a sausage obsessed psycho, determined to turn Super Turbo Action Pig into his finest Cumberland’s!  Help Super Turbo Action Pig evade Butcher Bills evil plans by guiding our porky hero through Bills airborn sausage making mine field!

Super Turbo Action Pig is an endurance game, pitting your skills and reactions to the toughest of tests.

Killer features:

  • You get to fly a pig!  What more could you ask for?
  • Limitless endurance gameplay
  • Stunning 2D cartoon graphics & animation
  • Open Feint enabled
  • Achievements
  • Online leaderboards
  • Multiple skills levels
  • Highly polished


iphone wallpapers:

super-turbo-action-pig-iPhone-wallpaper butcher-bill-iPhone-wallpaper

Take your pick...As we're really nice here at the Joystick Generals we like to give stuff away, so simply right click, 'save as', and make em your iPhone wallpaper :)

User reviews:

5/5 Username: Suzie525

Extremely addictive, super graphics and challenging.  It’s an app everyone should have. Can’t wait for the next one, if I can finish this one that is.

5/5 Username: Curly_andy

This game looks the biz! Reckin the best cartoon style graphics ive seen on the iPhone.  And the simplicity of the gameplay makes it stupidly addictive and satisfying.  Good bus time game! Bonza.

What the press are saying:

Source: AppVee

“The graphics, sound and music are all top-notch in this game. It has a nice cartoonish feel that fits the gameplay well. Super Turbo Action Pig is fun, addicting and absolutely has my recommendation.”

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Source: NoDPad

The makings of a great, casual game: OpenFeint, addictive gameplay, and easy-to-learn controls.”

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Source: AppVee

“Overall Super Turbo Action Pig is a well-developed, solid, pick-up-and-play experience, worth its salt”

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